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12 October 2009 @ 09:09 pm
They Put Him on the Train Laughing (Entry 4/???) [Tentative Title]  

         I once knew a person by the name of Ethan. This young man was a very enthusiastic person who liked to defy social order and structure, the fool. If he knew about the relationship I have entered, Ethan would surely become jealous. Ever since freshman year, he had attempted to befriend me and, to the best of my knowledge, lure me into his bed. Although I had repeatedly ignored what appeared to be advances toward me, Ethan always insisted on staying by me side, claiming to be my best and truest friend. There was something endearing about the enthusiasm with which he presented himself to the world. Perhaps if he had not moved away at the end of the last school year, I would have eventually been able to see him in that way. In any case, Ethan is no longer here, and I am laying with Noah in bed.
Neither of us has gone to sleep yet. I have the cover sheet pulled up to my collar bone, hiding from sight the oversized T-shirt I am wearing that hangs below my vital regions when standing but have gathered around my hips in bed. In an interrogation by Customs officials, I would tell them that my lover sleeps on my left. He is wearing a pair of silken pants. Looking over at him, I see that he is on his side, head propped up by his fist. Noah, who has been staring at me intently, covers a yawn with his free hand.
         "You uncomfortable?"
         Under any normal circumstance, I would be perturbed at the prospect of being in bed with a shirtless male of the same species as I, however, as he is my lover, I cannot deny that there is some comfort afforded to me.
         "Then can I kiss you?"
         Noah sits up and lifts himself to his knees. Bringing his left leg over my body, he straddles my abdomen. He smiles to me as an innocent gesture but I know otherwise, because I can feel him. I look at the man laid bare before me. He is a salmon that has made its way back to its place of birth. There is no fat yet at the same time no muscle to provide a landscape across his chest or abdomen.
Noah places his hand around my shoulder and brings his head down to place his lips on mine. I feel his tongue enter my domain and I gag.          He quickly backs up and apologizes.
         "Sorry, I don't really know what I'm doing at all."
         "Really? But someone like you... I woulda expected..."
         "Well, my mom told me to just get with anyone I wanted, but I thought the idea of saving myself was very noble."
         "So you thought I was right for you?"
         "Huh? Ah, right, yeah, that."
         He rolls a lock of his hair between thumb and forefinger in a way he always does when he is nervous. Shifting his weight to his right, he beached himself over on his side of the bed.
         Since sixth period, there had been a question formulating in my mind. I have never asked such a question previously, and as such, I found it rather difficult to ask it of Noah. Putting my hand "Hey," on his jutting "how did" shoulder, I "you know that" posed my question "I'm gay?" to him.
         Noah turns his head and looks me in the eye. "I didn't."
         Due to my aversion to romantic attachment at school, I had acted in no way that would theoretically give anyone the idea that I could possibly be homosexual.
         "But everyone think you are, so there's really no difference."
         Although his words are far from encouraging, it makes no real difference at this point in time, as I have as good as declared my homosexuality by accepting Noah's proposal.
         I thrust my arm under his neck and placed my other hand on his ribs. Before I lost my self to slumber, I felt Noah shift in such a way as to place his face against my neck.

         I opened my eyes and saw myself sitting in a chair and looking at myself.
         "Hey," I said.
         "Hello," I said back.
         The other me sat in a big, fancy chair. That me wore a big dress that poofed out at the bottom. The dress was blue with black trim. It didn't reveal too much bust, even though I don't even have a bust. I pointed at me with a golden scepter that had a sapphire in it.
         "I see that I am thoroughly enjoying the situation I have been thrust into."
         "Noah's a nice guy when you get to know him, I think," I said.
         "So I say. But there comes a point in time when I must notice the flaws in him that I currently deny. For example, he looks terribly anorexic."
         "He's probably just got a high metabolism or something."
         "Stop that. I despise it when I willing try to justify everything with faulty logic."
         "Well, I'm one to talk. I should stop thinking there's always something wrong with everything."
         "There is always a flaw. Nothing in this world is perfect, and I know it."
         The scepter in that me's hand turned into a pretty fan. I spread the fan and started fanning myself with the fan.
         "I am starting to bore myself terribly, and I have not yet gotten halfway through the conversation. Oh, joy. This will obviously be a long night."
         "Of course."

Also, yes, that is a shameless cameo of another of my characters in there. I'm establishing a universe! :D "OTL
A Good Song: Superscription of Data [Higurashi Rei Opening]
Penny Lane: WTHlanekana on October 13th, 2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
0_o That went right over my head.
Coalescence of Superfluous Particles: Kizunalthemilkeater on October 17th, 2009 01:57 am (UTC)
Was the second part too strange? XD;;
Or was the first part very strange as well? "OTL